Beedie Capital Partners provides highly flexible growth financing solutions for small to mid-market companies across a wide variety of industry sectors

Established in late 2010, we help diversify the interests of the Beedie through making investments directly into companies (i.e. outside of real estate).  Our investments typically come in the form of either debt or equity, or any combination as appropriate to the needs of the companies we partner with. 

Since we invest our own capital and are run by a small core team of decision makers, we can be highly responsive, creative and flexible with terms, timing and transaction structure.

Our tailored financing solutions are typically less dilutive and restrictive than alternative sources of debt or equity capital. We are also typically minority investors, looking to keep management in control of their businesses.

"Beedie Capital Partners (BCP) really came through for Checkwell at a key juncture in our growth and evolution. They were highly creative and flexible in putting together a hybrid debt and equity structure that worked very well for all parties involved. Just as important, the people we worked with at BCP were always supportive and enjoyable to work with. They also moved incredibly fast which in any fast growing environment is simply invaluable. The fact that we were able to successfully achieve the sale of our business, is in no small measure a result of BCP’s support.” 

David Dinesen CEO, Checkwell Solutions Corporation