Investment Strategy

Beedie Capital Partners focuses on providing financing solutions to business owners to help them grow the value of their enterprises

We are fully funded by the internal resources of the Beedie, and look to commit between $2 million to $10 million per investment.  We look to invest directly into companies that have:

  • Revenues in excess of $10 million and operating at or near cash flow positive
  • Solid growth prospects and a defensible competitive position in their target markets
  • Great management teams we can partner with, that have a strong vested interest in growing the value of their business

Our financing solutions are specifically tailored to each situation, but have proven to be well suited in circumstances such as: 

  • Growth and expansion financing (organic or by acquisition)
  • Management buyout opportunities (full or partial)
  • Recapitalizations / buyouts of minority shareholders
  • Solving temporary liquidity constraints or bank covenant issues
  • Interim financing prior to larger planned equity financings, IPOs, or an exit
  • Refinancing or restructuring of other debt

We consider investments across a wide variety of industries and have no formal geographic restrictions, but prefer opportunities in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

"It's been amazing working with Beedie Capital Partners as they truly understand what it takes to add value and they have the patience to see it through"

Terry McBride, Co-founder and CEO, Nettwerk Music Group